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The Salesforce Lightning for Gmail plugin is supported in Google Chrome only.

Install the Plugin

Start by visiting the Google Chrome Extension Store in Chrome

2. Click Button Add to Chrome

Add to Chrome

3. At the prompt click Add extension.

4. After installation, Chrome will notify you that the extension is ready for use.


1. Open up a new GMail Inbox window and you should see a new column for Salesforce.

2. Click the Log in to Salesforce button

3. A Salesforce Login window will open.

4. Click Use Custom Domain link in the bottom right hand corner.

5. In the Custom Domain Field enter then click Continue

6. Log in with your NinerNet credentials

7. If it your first time installing the plugin you may be prompted to allow the plugin access, click accept.

8. If you are prompted to select an email account, select your NinerNet credentials.

9. If you are prompted to allow Lightning for Gmail to access your account, press Allow

10, You may be prompted to link your google account.  Press Link Account

11. You will be notified that your account has been successfully linked. Press Go to Salesforce

12. You now are logged into the Salesforce Gmail Plugin.  A first run wizard will guide you through some of the features.

13. You can expand or contract the Salesforce pane by pressing the > button on the top right.

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