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Firefox is the preferred browser to use when navigating between Banner 9 pages and Banner 8 forms using the Application Navigator.

  1. When logged in to Banner 9, the first time you try to access a Banner 8 form the Oracle password prompt will ask for your NinerNET password
  2. If the Java screen appears, click on the red circle icon
  3. Click Allow and Remember
  4. The Banner 8 form will appear
  5. When work on the form is complete (including saving, if applicable), close the form to return to the Banner 8 Main Menu and access other Banner 8 forms

  6. To access Banner 9 pages, click on the Search icon
  7. In the Search box, begin to type the form or page name/description and select from the list
    1. If the system is not responsive, minimize the browser window and maximize it again
    2. If the form name entered in the Application Navigator Search is only available in Banner 8, the Banner 8/INB menu will appear so the form name can be entered and accessed


If you need assistance, please contact the IT Service Desk.

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