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Authentication OptionsAdvantages
Smartphone PushRecommended method, fast, secure and easy
App-Generated CodeNo internet needed
SMS Text MessageImmediate or can be saved for future use
Fob-U2F USB KeyFac/Staff only, no internet or smartphone
Phone CallFac/Staff only, good back up device for emergencies only


It's a good idea to set up 2 methods for Duo authentication; for example - a cell phone and land line. This allows you to still access your Duo account and services if your primary option is unavailable.

All methods provide an option to remember the device for 30 days. It is up to you whether or not you choose to have Duo remember a device for 30 days. General guidance would be to use the remember me option on devices used in everyday work or personally owned devices (like your work computer or personal mobile device) and not use on public or shared devices (like conference or classroom computers).