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  1. IRB approval is required when an institution is “engaged” in research involving human subject.  
  2. A collaborative research study involving researchers at other institutions may require IRB review at the collaborator’s institution in addition to the UNC Charlotte IRB. 
  3. UNC Charlotte may defer review and approval of the study to another IRB or vice versa – the collaborating institution may defer IRB review and approval to the UNC Charlotte IRB. Each situation is considered individually. Therefore, if your research study involves collaboration with colleagues at other institutions, please contact the Office of Research Compliance for guidance on how to proceedTo close a protocol, complete the IRB Renewal/Closure form (at Renewing or Closing A Study) indicating that the protocol is terminated.  Take care not to close a protocol too soon.  Research protocols should remain active until all research related intervention or interactions with human subjects are complete and all data collection and data analysis are finished.
  4. Once a protocol is terminated, no more data may be collected and no more contact with participants for research purposes is allowed. 
  5.  The protocol should remain active:
    • If you are collecting data about participants even when no participant contact is necessary.
    • If you are still “cleaning” data.
    • If you are conducting data analysis for research purposes in preparation for publication.
    • Until the thesis or dissertation defense is complete.


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