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  1. Adding Captions
    1. Access your course in Canvas
    2. Click the My Media link. The My Media page is displayed
    3. For the video you want to caption, either click the preview image or the video link
    4. In the Actions drop-down menu, select Order Captions
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    5. Select the type of captioning you want in the Fidelity drop-down list
      1. Mechanical, which is machine-based captioning, is the default. It is NOT ADA compliant. You MUST edit the captioning to make it ADA compliant
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        The other option is Professional, which is ADA compliant. You will need to select a Turnaround Time for processing. Professional captioning is 99% accurate as it is done by a person. 48 business hours is the standard turn-around time
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        titleInstructions and Notes text box

        Use the Instructions and Notes text box to provide infromation to the transcriptionist. Such notes might include information on spelling of names, medical terms, etc.

      2.  Click Order Captions. The request is processed and the Thank you dialog box is displayed
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    6. Click OK
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    7. A table is displayed with the estimated due date of when the captions will be available. The time will vary and is based on the length of the video

      titleCaptioning Times

      For Mechanical, the captioning time is approximately 5 times the length of the video. For example, if your video is 5 minutes long, it should take approximately 25 minutes to complete

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      titleCaption Requests

      You can also see the captioning request information by choosing Actions, Caption Requests
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