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  1. Go to DS Portal
  2. Click on DS Faculty Portal icon
    DS Portal landing web page
  3. This brings you to the Instructor Information (Help) page
  4. Click on Accommodation letters tab in the menu bar
    Instructor Information page
  5. Login using your NinerNet username and password.
    Instructor Log in
  6. This brings to you the “Accommodation Letters” page. Select the correct semester from the drop-down menu.


    Here you can see a table list of all the students who have submitted accommodation requests in your various courses. Click on "COURSE" column title to sort by course.

    You will need to confirm receipt of the accommodation letter(s) for each student.

  7. To view the Accommodation Letter and begin the confirmation process, click on View letter by the corresponding student’s name.
    Accommodation Letters page
  8. The student’s name appears in the top left corner of the page, and your course information appears in the top right corner of the page.
    Accommodation letter info showing student name, 800 number, course, semester, and instructor name
  9. Click Review PDF Letter button to view the student’s Accommodation Letter.
  10. Click the acknowledgment checkbox to confirm receipt of the Accommodation Letter.
  11. Click Submit to complete the process for the selected student.
    Accommodation Letter Review and receipt acknowledgment page
  12. See this flyer for a brief, printable outline.
  13. For any questions, email, or call (704) 687-0040