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  1. The Web-based course evaluation system gives colleges, departments, and programs the flexibility to add survey questions, including open-ended questions, to their evaluation instruments. There are two questions, chosen from the Purde Cafeteria list, that must appear on each survey as required by the university:
    1. (418) Overall, I learned a lot in this course.
    2. (419) Overall, this instructor was effective.
  2. Other survey items may be selected from the Purdue Cafeteria list as approved by Faculty Council
  3. Ultimately, the design of each evaluation instrument is left to the discretion of the college or department. As long as they include the two required questions mentioned above, colleges and departments can freely customize their evaluation instruments and retain their own unique set of questions
  4. If changes or updates are required for your survey, submit a Help ticket by either:
    1. Emailing your request to
    2. Calling the IT Service Desk at 704-564687-5500
  5. For more information, refer to the Faculty Resources page