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The entire campus has delegated authority for travel reimbursements. Delegated authority encompasses the following:

  1. Criteria (must meet ALL of the following):

    1. Reimbursement requests of $500 or less,
    2. The trip is not to an international destination, 
    3. No travel advance was requested, and
    4. The reimbursement request is submitted no later than 60 days after the return date. 
  2. Reimbursement requests that qualify for delegated authority:
    1. Will be processed directly for payment,
    2. Will not be pre-audited by the Travel Office prior to payment, (some basic checks will be done on the front end for potential errors that affect processing),
    3. Will be post-audited on a sample basis, and
    4. Audit reports will be sent periodically to departmental fund managers.
  3. All reimbursement requests should be thoroughly reviewed, approved, and signed before submitting them to the Travel Office for processing.


     Departments have always been responsible for ensuring the information submitted on the reimbursement request is in accordance with University travel policy and certifying by signature that all travel reimbursement requests are an accurate statement of expenses incurred. Delegated authority makes this responsibility more visible, increases departmental accountability and reduces Travel Office processing time.

  4. Authority and responsibility for reviewing and approving travel by employees and guests of the University reside with the person responsible for the fund to which the expense is to be charged.

  5. Links to all forms are on the Financial Services Forms page.


Follow the Travel News section for the latest information on new travel initiatives.


Email the Travel Office at to set up one-on-one or departmental training.

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