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Prior Action

Before completing the steps below, instructors must ensure WebEx is enabled in the Canvas course and you have logged into WebEx directly, at least once

  1. Login to Canvas
  2. Select the course in which you wish to create a WebEx Training Center session
  3. Locate WebEx on the sidebar
  4. You will see your scheduled meetings (if any) listed here
    1.  On your first visit, set your time zone to whatever time zone is appropriate for your location (i.e. -04:00 America/New York). This will help when scheduling events with users from multiple time zones (especially important for distance education)
  5. To schedule an event, click the Schedule more events button


    Only instructors are able to create events within Canvas. If you are a student and wish to schedule a WebEx event, please login to WebEx

  6. Create a Name for your event
  7. Choose if event will occur Daily, Weekly, or if this is a Single Event
    1. If Single Event is selected, choose the Date and Time

    2. If Daily is selected, set the From and To dates and which Days the events will occur

    3. If Weekly is selected, set the From and To dates and which Day(s) the events will occur


      This will allow you to setup all of your meetings for the semester at one time. You can then later remove meetings if necessary

  8. Confirm the Time Zone is correct
  9. Set the Duration of the event


    This is an approximate length, as the meeting can be shorter or longer as needed
  10. In Hosted By you should see your name. You will only see a drop-down if there is more than one instructor for the course
  11. Click the Schedule button to create the event
  12. Once you have scheduled your events, you will see them all listed

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