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  1. Download and install Canvas by Instructure and WebEx Apps for iOS
  2. Open the Canvas by Instructure App on your iOS device
  3. Access the course in which you are attending the WebEx Training Center Session
  4. You will see a list of options for that course. Click on WebEx
  5. You will see a list of the scheduled sessions for this course. Click on Join


    You can Join an upcoming event 15 minutes before the scheduled start time and anytime while the session is still in progress

  6. You will see the WebEx Meetings App launch


    The App Store will launch to prompt you to install WebEx Meetings if you do not already have it installed

  7. If you have not previously logged into WebEx, an Enter Your Information box will display. Enter your first and last name and UNC Charlotte email address. Click OK


    This information will be automatically generated if you have previously logged into and setup the WebEx App

  8. WebEx Meetings will begin connecting to the session

  9. Once you have successfully joined the session, you will want to click on Connect Using Internet under the Connect to Audio popup


    You will only see the Call In option if the Host has enabled the dial in audio option

  10. You will receive confirmation that You connected to audio
  11. You will then see a message stating You've been muted


    This happens by default when you enter the room. Unmute yourself to speak

  12. If the instructor is sharing an application or desktop, you will then see this on your screen
  13. To leave the session, click on the door icon and select Leave Session


    WebEx Technical Support

    WebEx Support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week: website, phone: U.S. and Canada Toll-Free 1-866-229-3239, International Toll +1 916-636-9000.

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