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These instructions assume you are an instructor and have created a WebEx Training Center session in Canvas

  1. Login to Canvas

  2. Select the course in which you are hosting a WebEx Training Center event
  3. Locate WebEx on the sidebar
  4. You will see the scheduled events for the course listed here
  5. To host an upcoming or in progress event, click the Host button


    If the course has 2 or more instructors, you may see both Join or Substitute (as host) depending on which instructor created the events in the course. If you will be the presenter in WebEx Training Center, click Substitute (as host)

  6. You will then see a new tab open and briefly see the message below
  7. Cisco WebEx Training Center will then launch

  8. When the WebEx Training Center loads, you will be prompted to Join the Audio Conference. Click Call Using Computer

  9. You will now be connected to the audio. If you wish to Test your speaker/microphone, click Test speaker/microphone


    1. You will then be able to select a speaker and microphone to test. When finished, click OK  
  10. You are now in hosting the WebEx Training Center event

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