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  1. Login to WebEx at

  2. Click the Webex Training link in the lower left corner

  3. Select Schedule Training

  4. Enter the Topic and optional password  

  5. Choose the Audio Conference Settings

    1. For more information regarding the audio conference types please see this FAQ
  6. Enter the Start time, Occurrence and Estimated duration of the training session

  7. Select any appropriate Registration settings
  8. Click on Invite Attendees
    1. To add contact for the first time:
      1. Enter their Full Name and Email Address
      2. Check the box for Add new attendee in my address book
      3. Click Add Attendee
    2. To add a contact you have created before:
      1. Click Select Contacts
      2. Check the box beside the contacts name(s)
      3. Click Add Attendee
  9. Select the check boxes next to attendee's name and click Invite
  10. Repeat steps 8 and 9 for any Presenters
  11. Setup any Breakout Session Assignments
  12. Set any Email Options for an Agenda or Description of the training
  13. Upload any Course Material you would like to share before the training starts
  14. Click Schedule

    WebEx Technical Support

    WebEx Support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week: website , p hone: U.S. and Canada Toll-Free  1-866-229-3239, International Toll  +1 916-636-9000.

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