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In order to add captions, you can either upload your own file or request them through the My Media in Canvas.  Please follow the steps below to request machine captions


Machine captioning is the default. You can request professional captioning from the Service Catalog

  1. Access your course in Canvas
  2. Click the My Media link. The My Media page is displayed
  3. For the video you want to caption, either click the preview image or the video link
  4. In the Actions drop-down menu, select Caption Requests
  5. Select Machine in the Service drop-down list
    1. Machine captioning is available for all Canvas users. In order to ensure ADA compliance, the captioned video must be reviewed and edited for accuracy. 

    2.  Click Submit. The request is processed and the confirmation message is displayed above

  6. A table is displayed with the estimated due date of when the captions will be available. The time will vary and is based on the length of the video

    Captioning Times

    For Machine captioning, the turnaround time is approximately 30 minutes

    Caption Requests

    You can also see the captioning request information by choosing Actions, Caption Requests

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