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  1. This optional eForm version of the Travel Authorization ("eTA") takes advantage of the workflow routing capabilities within the University's Imaging System.

  2. It can be used by departments to submit three different types of eTAs:
    1. Travel Authorization (most common),
    2. Blanket Travel Authorization or, 
    3. Group Travel Authorization.
  3. Click this link to access the eTA. 

  4. Detailed form instructions are available on the eTA.


    • The eTA is not mandatory.  
    • It went live November 1, 2016.
    • All departments have the option to use either the eTA or the existing Travel Authorization form located in the latest Travel Forms Package.
    • Contact your departmental Business Officer or Fund Administrator for more information on the specific travel-related processes in place for your department or college.


  • Stop by an Imaging and Workflow Team open swim session to learn more about the eTA. Please see their calendar for weekdays and times.
  • Go to this page to access documentation about how to approve an eTA.


Follow the “Travel and Complex Payments News” section here for the latest information on new travel initiatives.

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