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  1. In the Kaltura Capture app, click the Camera icon to turn it off
  2. Click the Screen drop-down arrow to select recording options

    Mac OS Catalina users

    If you are using a Mac with OS Catalina (10.15) installed, you need to grant screen recording permission by choosing System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Privacy > (unlock the padlock) > Choose "Screen Recording" > Check KalturaCapture. Repeat this process for "Cameraand " Microphone" > (lock the padlock). For more information, refer to the FAQ for directions on how update your security and privacy settings

  3. Choose the monitor to record
  4. Choose the area size to record
  5. Click the Audio drop-down arrow to select the microphone you want to use
  6. Click the Start Recording button when you are ready to start the recording
  7. Anytime during a recording, you can click Draw (Pencil button) to use the notation tools
    1. The drawing tools can be used to draw freely on the screen during the recording 
      Kaltura Capture Notation Tool
    2. The notation tool panel is comprised of the following:
      1. Drawing tool: Use to draw freely on your screen.
      2. Cursor tool: Change your cursor back to a regular cursor from before you started using the notation tools.
      3. Select tool: Select a notation you created to move it on the screen.
      4. Text tool: Type text anywhere on your screen.
      5. Arrow tool: Use to draw an arrow to point out a specific element on your screen.
      6. Select color: Select the color you would like to make your notations.
      7. Line size: Change the line size of your notation.
      8. White board: Open a new whiteboard for additional annotations.
      9. Clear notations: Clear all the annotations you've added to the screen.
    3. You can stress important points by drawing a circle around them, or highlight important aspects
  8. Click Stop Recording when you are finished recording
  9. Click Yes, Stop it to verify you want to stop recording. The Kaltura Capture dialog box is displayed

  10. In the Title area, enter a title for recording
  11. Enter optional Description and Tags information
  12. Save the recording by either clicking the Save & Upload option or the Save option

More information on the Notation tools

Kaltura's documentation on the recording menu and notation tools is available on their Kaltura Personal Capture - The Recording Menu guide.

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