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Please note that you should be aware of the following when gaining remote access to Banner INB:

  1. The computer equipment has current malware/antivirus protection and current operating system patches.
  2. If using a wireless network, that it is secured with a password.
  3. Use a password-protected profile on the computer to prevent unauthorized individuals (e.g., family members, friends) from accessing university information.
  4. When working with sensitive university information, data is stored only on approved cloud storage or university network drives as outlined in the Guideline for Data Handling.
  5. No unauthorized users are allowed to access university resources via the VPN.
  6. Disconnect from the VPN when it is no longer needed.
  7. Read the Standard for Responsible Use and understand that this standard extends to their access to.

  1. Banner can be accessed remotely using the Cisco Anyconnect VPN.
    1. See this FAQ for instructions on downloading and installing the VPN.
  2. Anytime you wish to connect to Banner after installing the VPN client, open the VPN application, launch the program, and type in Then, simply open a browser and go to to log in.
  3. When finished working, logout of Banner, then right click on the icon in the Taskbar (Windows) or Menu Bar (Mac OS X) and select Quit or Disconnect to end your VPN session.

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