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Percipio is replacing Skillport. It is anticipated that Skillport will no longer be available after May 2020.

Sometimes you may find resources in Skillport that interest you but there isn't enough time to complete them.  For this reason, it may be convenient to save resources to your Personal Learning section to easily find later.  Any resource you save can easily be removed also

  1. Log into Skillport
  2. Save resources
    1. Search for any resource; book, course, video, etc
    2. Hover your mouse over the More Actions link for that resource
    3. Click the Save option in the popup menu
    4. Enter desired details and click Save
  3. View/remove resources
    1. Click the View Learning Plan link along the top and select the Personal Learning tab
    2. To remove, hover your mouse over the More Actions link for that resource and click the Remove option in the popup menu

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