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  1. Open your web browser and go to

  2. Select BANPROD located under the Banner 9 Admin Pages and log in
  3. Type FTMEELT (External Report Translation Code Maintenance) in the search bar and click Enter

  4. Select F7 to start a query
  5. Select the appropriate item from the Add Another Field drop-down box
    1. If the fund number that you are using is in Chart 1, select Internal Code 


      FTMEELT internal code query

    2. If it is Chart F or A, select External Code > Equals, e.g., F- or A- at the beginning of the fund number 


      FTMEELT external code query

  6. Select F8 to execute the query


    The Internal and External Code fields will be populated with related codes. The Active Status boxes should automatically be checked for the current related funds.

    FTMEELT query results

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