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  1. Yes; the purchasing card ("p-card") can be used to pay for most travel expenses.


    The p-card is the preferred method of payment for expenses to be paid before travel and should be used for all expenses that will not be paid via reimbursement where possible (e.g., airfare, lodging reservations, and registration).

  2. Faculty and staff have four options to pay for registration, airfare, and lodging costs prior to travel:

    1. Obtain and use their own p-card.
    2. Coordinate with their departmental administrative staff that have p-cards.
    3. Use their personal funds and be reimbursed via a Request for Travel Reimbursement (TR) after travel.
    4. For vendors that do not accept credit cards, submit a Direct Pay Request (DPR).

  3. A notable exception is meals and beverages

     For specific travel procedures and a list of allowable and non-allowable travel items, refer to the Travel Manual and the Purchasing Card Manual.

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