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When you reset your password at, you will need to take additional steps to sync your new NinerNET password with the local Windows password when your university computer is off campus.

Instructions for Mac computers can be found in this FAQ.

  1. After resetting your password, login to the VPN using your new password - see this FAQ about VPN

  2. Approximately 1 minute after authenticating to the VPN, you will see the following notification:
    Windows needs your current credentials

  3. Lock your computer by...

    1. Hitting the Windows key + L OR...

    2. Clicking Start > the University crown icon > Lock
  4. Hit CTRL + ALT + Delete to get to the login

  5. Enter your new password - your new password will now work to log you into your University computer

  6. If you have any issues or questions, contact the IT Service Desk.

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