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Supplemental to PIM 63, Process Deadlines and Requirements for Hiring and Paying Temporary Employees.

  1. An automated email will be sent to the employee and supervisor once the employee is set up in WTE. 

  2. If your employee is not able to access their WTE timesheet, then they are not set up to be paid, and you must take immediate action.
  3. Take these actions no later than five business days before the end of the pay period during which your employee has worked. 

  4. Positions processed after the cut-off date of seven business days before the end of the biweekly pay period will not be guaranteed payment for that period’s assigned payroll.
  5. Paper timesheets WILL NOT be accepted when this deadline has been missed. Any hours tracked outside of WTE must be transferred to WTE before the end of the pay period in which the hours were worked.
  6. Related FAQ: What happens if EPAF & WTE deadlines aren't met? 

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