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Supplemental to PIM 63, Process Deadlines and Requirements for Hiring and Paying Temporary Employees.

  1. Biweekly system-generated reminders will be sent out to both student and temporary WTE employees and approvers.

    Note that proxies will NOT receive any automated email notifications. 

  2. In the case of missed emails or spam, supervisors should create biweekly calendar reminders or add the Kronos & WTE Pay Periods & Timesheet Deadlines.
  3. For all automated notifications sent out related to WTE deadlines, see this chart:
    WTE automated notifications summary

    Notifications are only sent if they are applicable, e.g., if a timesheet has not been submitted yet or still needs to be approved.

  4. Related FAQ: What are the Web Time Entry (WTE) submission and approval deadlines?

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