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  1. Access the VeriCite assignment
  2. Click SpeedGrader. The first submission is displayed
  3. In the SpeedGrader pane, you can see the Similarity score

  4. Click the Similarity Score icon to open the report
  5. The report is dynamically generated and the report progress indicator is displayed on a new tab
  6. The report percentage indicator, located on the left side of the page, is color-coded based on the amount of matching text found. The following colors indicate the level of plagiarism:
    1. Red: High level of matches
    2. Orange:Medium level of matches
    3. Yellow: Low level of matches
  7. The matching sources are listed on the left side of the page
  8. To view the source of a match:
    1. Click on a color section
    2. In the right pane, click Source Text for the source you want to view
    3. The source opens in the right pane and the matching text is highlighted
    4. To open the source on a new tab, click the Original content icon, it looks like a square with an arrow pointing out of the top right corner
  9. You can add comments for a specific sentence or for the entire paper
    1. To add comments for a sentence, highlight the text you want to add a comment for
    2. Click Add Comment
    3. At the bottom of the right pane, in the text box, type your comment for the student
    4. Select the Save check box if you want to keep this comment for future use

      Did You Know?

      Depending on the size of your page, the Save check box will display Store This Comment

    5. Click Save
    6. The annotated text has a text bubble displayed by it
    7. To leave a comment for the entire paper, click Add Comment 
    8. Type your comment in the text box
    9. Select the Save check box if you want to keep this comment for future use
    10. Click Save

    11. To comment on a specific sentence, click on the sentence in the student submission area and click Add Comment
    12. In the Stored Comments drop-down list, select the comment you want to use or type a new comment
    13. Click Save
  10. When you are done adding comments and reviewing the report, close the tab
  11. In the Grade text box, enter the number of points the student earned

    Did You Know?

    You can also use Canvas rubrics to grade a VeriCite assignment via Speedgrader

  12. In the Add a comment text box, enter a message to the student if you want
  13. Click Submit to save the grade and comments 

  14. In the gradebook, submission with VeriCite reports have a colored bubble icons in the assignment column. The bubble icons are color coded to indicate the level of matching text, or plagiarism:

    1. Blue: 0%

    2. Green: 1- 24%

    3. Yellow: 25 - 49%

    4. Orange: 50 - 74%

    5. Red: 75 - 100%

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