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Budget & Ledger QueriesFGIBAVLCheck budget availability by Fund, Org., and Account (rolled up by budget pool)
FGIBDSRView budget status using higher levels of FOAPAL
FGIBDSTView budget status using any element of FOAPAL
FGITBALView current balance for specific fund
FGITRNDQuery on revenue/expense trans activity by FOAPAL
FGIGLACQuery on General Ledger trans activity by FOAPAL
FRIGITDProject to Date Funds - View budget status using any element of FOAPAL
FGITBSRView current fund balance
FRIGTRDProject to Date Funds - Query on detail trans activity by FOAPAL, date, transaction type, etc.
Entity SearchFTMVENDView vendor information including addresses
FTIIDENSearch the Finance database for specific persons and entities
SOADDRQAddress lookup for employees, students, and vendors
Purchasing QueriesFPIOPOFDisplay all open purchase orders by any combination of fund, organization, account, and program
FPIOPOVDisplay all open purchase orders for a particular vendor
FPIPURRView current purchase/blanket order or change order information
FOICOMMView expanded list of commodities for a PO, Req, or Invoice
FOICACTDisplays the accounting distribution by commodity for PO, Req, or Invoice
Accounts Payable QueriesFAIINVEQuery all the info related to a specific invoice
FAIVNDHLists all invoices & checks related to a specific vendor
FAIINVLQuery open/paid invoices by PO
Document QueriesFGIDOCRDisplays posting detail for a specific document
FGIENCDDisplay all transactions which have been posted against an encumbrance
FOIDOCHIdentifies & provides status of all documents in the processing path of a specified document
Banner Accounts - 6 digitsAssets & LiabilitiesGxxxxx
Budget Pools9xx000 and 914500
Expenditures IntraTransfers Out

9xxxxx and 8xxxxx

Fund BalanceG3xxxx
Revenues IntraTransfers In1xxxxx and 8xxxxx


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