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There is no direct way to transfer grades from Opscan into Canvas. However, it is possible to tweak the Canvas gradebook, download the results, and merge with the Opscan results. Prior to giving the exam, please emphasize to students the importance of correctly completing the UNC Charlotte 800 information on the Opscan scoresheet.  Students MUST enter their UNC Charlotte ID number into Opscan exactly as it appears in Report Express

  1. Perform the following four (4) steps ONCE after Add/Drop for each course you are teaching
    1. Download student names and UNC Charlotte ID numbers from Report Express
      1. Log into Report Express using your NinerNET username and password
      2. From Available Reports, choose Class List
      3. Choose any filter options from the right side of the screen
        1. Options: term, college, department, subject, course number, section, report output
        2. From the Report Output option menu, choose Excel and click the Submit button
        3. Click Submit
      4. Save the Excel file to your computer
    2. Turn on the Canvas Sortable Names Gradebook option
      1. In your course, click the Settings link
      2. Click the Feature Options tab
      3. Click the button for Gradebook - List Students by Sortable Name option

        Did You Know?

        The default naming convention in the Gradebook is first name, a space, last name. For example: Susan Jones. When you turn the sortable name option on, the naming convention changes to Jones, Susan

      4. The feature is now turned on
    3. Create and publish an assignment to store student ID numbers
      1. Make sure to:
        1. name the assignment UNCCID#
        2. enter 0 points for this assignment
        3. display grades as points
        4. select the Do not count this assignment towards the final grade checkbox
        5. in the Add submission type drop-down list, select No submission
    4. Upload student UNC Charlotte ID numbers into Canvas
      1. In the Canvas gradebook, click Export, Current. The file of the gradebook will be exported as a CSV file. This file can be opened by Excel
      2. Open both the Gradebook CSV file and the Report Express file
      3. Copy and paste the UNC Charlotte ID number values from the Report Express file into the UNCCID# grade item of the Canvas Gradebook CSV
      4. Click Import to upload the modified CSV back into Canvas gradebook
      5. Click Browse to choose the CSV file to upload
      6. Click Upload Data


        This is a one-time entry of student 800#'s

  2. Create and publish your Opscan assignment
    1. Name the assignment, Opscan Quiz #1 (or whatever is appropriate to your course)
    2. Add the number of points
    3. Display grade as points
    4. In the Add submission type drop-down list, select No submission
  3. Access the gradebook
    1. Mute the Opscan assignment grade column. Students will NOT receive a new notification about or be able to see the grade for this assignment. Students will be able to see that the assignment is muted
    2. Set the default grade as 0 to assign a 0 for those students that may not take the test
  4. Merge Opscan grades and Canvas grades
    1. Open the Opscan CSV file from your email 
    2. Export the current gradebook from Canvas. Save the CSV file to your computer
    3. Format the Opscan CSV file and date into four columns:
      1. Student name
      2. UNCCID#
      3. #Correct
      4. Grade (out of 100 in a whole number). You may need to compute this based upon the #correct data
    4. Go to a column that does not have data. For example, column H1
    5. Copy the following columns from the Canvas gradebook CSV file into the Opscan file
      1. Student (H1)
      2. UNCCID# (I1)
    6. In column K1, type Compare. You will use the formula for VLOOKUP to compare the ID# values
    7. In that new column and row K3, input a VLOOKUP formula as follows:
      1. Lookup value = reference column B, which is the UNCCID#
      2. Table array = A1:B155 (however large is the data)
      3. Column index number = 2
      4. Range lookup = FALSE
      5. The formula is =VLOOKUP(B2,A1:B155,2,FALSE)
    8. Review that data in column K. If there are any any “#NA” you have a data issue where the UNCC 800# in Opscan and from the Canvas Gradebook data do not match. It is likely the student input their UNCC ID number incorrectly on the Opscan sheet, or student(s) did not take the Opscan quiz.  You will have to manually fix that UNCCID# row in the worksheet
    9. Based on the VLOOKUP Data, copy and paste the grades from the Opscan file into the grade item into the Canvas Gradebook CSV file. Ensure the order corresponds to the above data comparison
    10. If you have a combined course, repeat for each section
    11. Save as a CSV file. Do not change the file name
  5. Upload Opscan Grades into Canvas
    1. Open the modified Canvas gradebook CSV data file
    2. In the Canvas gradebook, click Import
    3. Choose File
    4. Choose Upload Data
    5. Review the changes that Canvas will make. If you agree, click Save Changes
    6. You will receive a message that the Upload was Successful
    7. If you have not done so already, you may want to set the default grade as 0 to assign a 0 for those students that did not take the test (see Step 3)

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