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Only the instructor of record in Banner can submit grades!

You can submit grades from your course, including combined or cross-listed courses. Before you upload your final grades to Banner, remember to do these three important things:

  1. Physically enter a grade for all students, even if the grade is a 0, in all columns,
  2. Un-mute all columns, and
  3. Turn off the Treat Ungraded as 0 option. This option shows you, the instructor, how things would look if all ungraded assignments were zeros, it does not "stick" when you leave the gradebook, or affect what is seen by your students. It's therefore important to enter a zero grade when a student doesn't complete an assignment, rather than leave it ungraded
  1. In the course you want to upload grades for, in the left navigation, click the Canvas to Banner Grade Submission link
  2. Click Open in New Tab
  3. A list of the courses you are teaching is displayed
  4. For the course you want to upload grades, click View grades
    View Grades link
  5. The notifications page is displayed
    1. The first notification listed is the Treat ungraded as 0 option in the grade book. By default, ungraded assignments are NOT included in any assignment total calculations. This means that when assignments are left as "ungraded" (shown with a '-' dash), they are treated as if they never happened. The Treat ungraded as 0 option shows the instructor ONLY how things would look if all ungraded assignments were zeros, it does not "stick" when you leave the gradebook, or affect what is seen by students. It's therefore important to actually enter a zero grade when a student doesn't complete an assignment, rather than to leave it ungraded
      Treat ungraded as 0 notice
    2. The grading scheme used to calculate letter grades is displayed. If you have not created a custom scheme, then the default UNC Charlotte scheme is used. Depending on the course level, either the Undergraduate or Graduate grading scheme is used. However, if you created your own scheme and applied it to the course, your scheme is displayed. You can add and enable a scheme using the scheme links on the page. However, if you want to add one of the UNC Charlotte schemes to your grade book, follow these directions
       UNCC Grading Schemes
    3. Finally, you are asked if the grades in the Total column in the grade book are the grades you want to upload to Banner
      Accurate grades notification
      1. If the grades are correct, click Yes and continue to Step 6
      2. If the grades are not correct, click No
        1. Messages are displayed warning you that any change made on grade submission form will not be reflected in your Canvas gradebook
        2. If you decide to continue to the grade submission form, verify that you understand that students will not see the changes in the Canvas gradebook by clicking Yes. Continue to Step 6
           Understand students will not see changes verification
  6. You are notified if you have muted grade columns in your gradebook. The total score you see in the gradebook includes the muted assignment. However, the total score students see does NOT include the muted assignment
    Muted grades options
    1. Select Option #1 Un-mute all assignments above if you want to unmute all the assignments listed in your Canvas gradebook
      1. A new page is displayed notifying you that all muted assignments have been un-muted. Click Continue to grade form 
        Continue to grading form button 
    2. Select Option #2: Do not un-mute assignments above if you want to keep your grades as is in your Canvas gradebook
    3. Click Continue. The grades page is displayed
       The Continue button
  7. You will see the student’s Name, NinerNET user name, Section of the course enrolled, Course Total, Status, Previously Submitted Grade, and Grade to Submit columns
    The grading form


    In the above graphic the student names and email addresses are blocked to comply with FERPA regulations

  8. If you have empty grades, you can force the form to assign a 0 grade by selecting the Treat ungraded as 0 checkbox


    This change will NOT be reflected in your Canvas gradebook; students will NOT see this change!

  9. By default, only the first 10 students are displayed. To change that number, click the Show entries drop-down to choose more students 
     Treat ungraded as 0 and number of students displayed


    If you have a large class, some grades may NOT be displayed in the Course Total column. To display the grades, click the Refresh page link
    The Refresh link 

  10. The Grade to Submit column will display the Course Total as a letter grade
    Grade total column and grade to submit column comparison
  11. If you want to change a grade, in the Grade to Submit column select the letter grade from the drop-down list
    Grade to submit drop-down list
  12. Once you have verified and chosen the letter grades, you must then select the check box in the Confirm column, located on the far left of the page, for all the student grades
    Confirm column
  13. Click Submit this page. The button is located at the bottom of the page. The acknowledgment page is displayed
    Submit this page button
  14. The number of grades you are going to submit is displayed
  15. Select the I understand that any grade changes made on this form are not reflected in the Canvas gradebook
    I will need to communicate to my students how the grades submitted were calculated check box
  16. Click Confirm
    The submit grades page
  17. The page refreshes and indicates the number of grades upload to Banner. To check that the grades were uploaded successfully, log into My UNC Charlotte and check and/or print your submitted grades from the Faculty & Advisors page. You can either go back to the grade form to upload more grades or view your course list to choose another course
    The grades submitted successfully page
  18. When your grades are received to Banner, you will receive an confirmation email. The email will let you know if there are any issues with the grade submission
    Confirmation email
  19. The Status message will change on the Canvas form
    1. The possible Status messages are: 
      1. Success: Grade in Banner
      2. Error: Student not registered for course
      3. Error: Grade not valid for section
      4. Error: Grade not updated. Contact Registrar
      5. Pending: Check email for details
      6. No grade submitted
      7. Error: Instructor not assigned to section

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