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Faculty will need to import their class rosters into Poll Everywhere.

  1. Login to Poll Everywhere
  2. At the top of the page, click on Participants
  3. Once on the Participants page, click Add Participant
  4. On the Add participant screen, click on Connect to LMS
  5. On the Connect to LMS > Select LMS screen, click on Canvas by Instructure
  6. On the Authorize screen, click Login
  7. Confirm the information is your name and UNC Charlotte email address. Click Authorize
  8. You will now see Your available Canvas logins. Verify your name is after login. Click on the link
  9. On the Select Courses screen, click the checkbox for each course in which you will be using Poll Everywhere. Click Continue when finished
  10. You should see the following screen. Click Got it! when ready.
  11. You should now see your course names listed under Groups on the right hand side of the page.
  12. To view/hide participants in Ungrouped or a specific course, click on the colored circle for that specific instance. You will notice the Ungrouped circle is no longer dark gray, so those participants will no longer be displayed.
  13. Your students will now be able to respond to poll questions through their account which has been created through the class roster import
  14. Students will log into Poll Everywhere using
    Student login to Poll Everywhere

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