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Please note that Poll Everywhere refers to a poll question as an activity. You can group multiple activities to create a single poll to use in your course/presentation/etc.

  1. Log into Poll Everywhere online
  2. Click on the Polls tab in the top left
  3. Click the blue Create button to create a question located in the top left hand corner 
  4. The various question types will appear. Select the question you want to create
    1. Only Multiple Choice (which can also create True/False) and Clickable Images questions support grades (points) being associated with those questions
  5. Once your question and question choices are entered, click to choose the correct answer option(s) and click Create
    1. Images can also be added to question choices
  6. Your question is now ready to be used in your presentation
  7. Repeat the creation process for all desired questions
  8. All questions are saved in the Ungrouped section by default. Under the Polls tab, select the checkbox beside any newly created questions that you want grouped into a single poll
  9. Click the New Group button along the top
  10. A Create New Group box will appear and allow you to name the group 
  11. Now you have a new poll to use

Other Poll Options

Visit this FAQ to see the other ways you can create a poll question!

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