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You can use the Redirect app to add a link to the left navigation in your course. This link can be for instructors only or for students to use

  1. Access your course
  2. In the left navigation, click the Settings link
  3. At the top of the page, select the Apps tab
  4. Click in the Filter by name text box
  5. Type redirect and the app is displayed
  6. Click the Redirect tool icon. The page updates with instructions on how to use the app
  7. Click Add App. The Add App window is displayed
  8. In the Name text box, highlight the existing text and type the name for the link you want displayed in your course. In this example, we used NC Ghost Stories
  9. In the URL Redirect text box, either type or paste the link of the page you want to redirect to
  10. By default, the Force open in new tab (For External Links Only) is selected. If the link is outside of Canvas, you can keep this selected to have it open in a new tab
  11. Select the Show in Course Navigation check box to add the link to the left navigation in your course
  12. Click Add App

  13. Display the course home page. The new link is added above the Settings link
  14. Click the new link. If you specified the link to open on a new tab, the Open in new tab page is displayed
  15. Click Open in New Tab. The page opens on a new tab

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