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The following information is needed in order to submit a sponsored guest account. Do not submit sponsored guest account request for new employees.


Sponsored account requests can only be submitted by designated Business Officers and Information Security Liaisons. To help ensure the request is completed in a timely manner, please make sure to supply the Business Officer or Information Security Liaison with all the required information. See this FAQ for how to submit a sponsored guest account. Go to the Sponsored Guest Account Form to submit a request.

Non-US Citizen Requests: Depending on the Visa type, documentation from the International Student and Scholar Office (ISSO) may be required to submit the request. Requests for guests with B1, B2 and Visa Waiver status are exempt from this requirement. 

Vendor Requests: Review the contract with the appropriate business officer prior to submitting the request.

Required InformationOptional Information
  1. Sponsor's UNC Charlotte username
  2. Reason for account
  3. Account type
  4. Guest's department
  5. Start date
  6. End date

  7. Is the guest a US Citizen or Permanent Resident?

    Additional Info Needed

    See this FAQ for more specifics about the requirements

  8. Guest's legal first name

  9. Guest's legal last name
  10. Guest's date of birth
  11. Guest's gender
  12. Guest's personal (non-UNCC) email address
  13. Guest's permanent address
  14. Copy of Photo ID (Driver's license, State ID, Green card, or Passport)
  1. Guest's previous UNC Charlotte username (If appropriate)
  2. Guest's previous UNC Charlotte ID number (if appropriate)
  3. Guest's preferred first name
  4. Guest's previous last name
  5. Guest's cell phone number
  6. Guest's home phone number


Some states have started to issue electronic driver's licenses. If submitting an electronic drivers license, please submit both pages.
After attaching the copy of the guest's photo ID, please manually delete the saved copy from your computer. Please see this FAQ for guidelines for storing level 0-3 data. 

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