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  1. Yes, you can only use your phone to host a WebEx meeting.
  2. The easiest way is to share out your personal meeting room audio information
  3. After logging into WebEx , click on  More ways to join in the My Personal Room box

  4. Note the information about how to join by phone
  5. Share the USA Toll number and Access Code with guests
    1. Only the host will need the Host PIN
  6. When you are ready to start the meeting as the host, dial the US Toll number
  7. Enter the Access code and press # when prompted
  8. Enter the Host Pin and press # when prompted

    1. If you are the first person to enter the meeting, you will not hear anything until another attendee joins the meeting. As attendees join, you will hear a tone.

    2. If guests enter the room before you arrive, they will be waiting; once the host arrives, all participants will be automatically joined into the conference call


    The host will need to remain on the line the duration of the meeting.

    If the hosts phone is disconnected during the meeting, the meeting will automatically end after 5 minutes.

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