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It is the supervisor’s responsibility to verify that the employee will accrue sufficient leave to cover the advance leave during the remainder of the current calendar year.

  1. Go to My Employees > Employee Information.
  2. Click on the profile icon beside the name of the employee Employee Profile Button.
  3. In the Accruals section on the employee’s profile, view the Projected Balance by the leave type to determine if the balance is greater than the amount of advance leave being requested.
    Accrual Header

    If there are hours for the current calendar year in the SCH (scheduled) column, they need to be subtracted from the Projected Balance (i.e., the SCH hours are not already subtracted from the Projected Balance in the system).

  4. If there will be a positive Projected Balance after considering the advance leave request and any scheduled (SCH) time off, the request can be approved.

  5. If the supervisor approves the request for advanced leave, a comment must be included indicating approval to advance the specific number of leave hours.

  6. If the supervisor does not approve the advance leave and the employee takes time off from work, use a different leave category or leave without pay (LWOP) to cover the time off.

    Please contact the Benefits Office by calling 704-687-8134 or emailing regarding LWOP questions.

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