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Before creating a class group your students must login and create an account following these instructions.


A group is a collection of users that you can treat as a single entity when assigning learning plans. This can streamline the process of assigning training to multiple users, as well as acquiring reporting data on a specific set of users.

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  1. Contact the IT Service Desk to have your account elevated to an Instructor role.
  2. Follow these instructions to login to Microsoft Imagine Academy
  3. Click on the Classroom link
  4. Click on the Online learning dashboard link
    Online Learning Dashboard
  5. Click Groups then Add group
  6. Enter Group Name and Description, click Save
  7. Click Add members
    Add members
  8. Make sure Users is selected
  9. Use Search or Filter to refine the list of members, and check the box to the left of the ones you want in your group. You can enter any portion of a name, unique ID, or email address to return the desired search results.
    Member List
  10. After you have selected all the members, click Edit assignment, make sure Assign is selected, and click Apply
  11. Click OK

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