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Nonexempt employees who are required to work on holidays observed by the University are entitled to holiday premium pay.

SHRA Exempt employees - the employee's supervisor should contact the Payroll Manager at


The supervisor or timekeeper should perform the steps below after the holiday work hours have been completed to ensure the employee receives the holiday premium pay.

  1. Go to Manage Time > Manage Timesheets > By Pay Period.
  2. Verify that you are in the correct bi-weekly period by reviewing the dates at the top.
    Timesheet Dates
  3.  Click the edit timesheet icon to open up the timesheet Timesheet Edit Icon.
  4. On the row the work hours are on, click the magnifying glass icon Magnifying Glass Iconin the Pay Category column and select the flag Flag Icon next to HOLPREM
    Timesheet Edit with HolPrem

    The HOLPREM pay category should only be added to physical hours worked, which would exclude any hours listed as "on call".

  5. Click SAVE on the green action item bar at the top of the screen Save Button.
  6. Enter a comment to the far right of the screen (i.e. "Adding holiday premium pay for hours worked on holiday").
  7. Click OK.
  8. Verify the timesheet gives you a successful save in the top left.
    Timesheet Save Success
  9. Verify on the Summary By Day tab that the HOLPREM shows correctly.
    Summary by Day with HolPrem

    For employees who earn OT_GAP during the holiday week and will be paid out for it, the OTGAP pay category will need to be added to another day during that week. Refer to this FAQ for assistance with these steps.

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