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The tuition waiver program waives tuition, admissions fees, and the fees indicated in the table below. This means no money changes hands.  As a result, if staff/faculty members who use tuition waiver want to use any of the student facilities or services such as the gyms and fitness centers on campus or the light rail, they must be paid for out-of-pocket.

Admissions Fee
  1. If you apply for admission to a UNC system school other than UNC Charlotte, contact that school’s Admissions Office to inquire about having the admissions fee waived. 
  2. While completing your application for admission to UNC Charlotte, you will encounter an admission fee. BEFORE you click the final Submit/OK button, follow the steps below to request that your admission fee be waived. 
  • If applying for undergraduate admission at UNC Charlotte, then contact to have your admission fee waived.
  • If applying for graduate admission at UNC Charlotte, then contact to have your admission fee waived.
Required FeeEd & Tech FeeYes
Required FeeUniversity FeesYes
Required FeeGeneral Fees - includes Athletics, Health Services, Student Activities, Debt ServiceYes
Required Fee49er Card System Student Association FeeYes
Required FeeFood Service Facilities Misc. Service ChargeYes
Required FeeSafety and Security FeeYes
Required Fee*Transportation Misc. Service Charge – includes Niner Transit campus shuttle system, Niner Paratransit service, and the CATS Access PassYes
Special FeeCertificate/Master's GRAD7999 - ResidentYes
Special FeeDoctoral GRAD9999 - ResidentYes
Special FeeCertificate/Master's GRAD7999 - Non-ResidentYes
Special FeeDoctoral GRAD9999 - Non-ResidentYes
Special FeeExperiential Learning Fee/Co-opYes
Special FeeMatriculation Fee - New Students OnlyNo
Special FeeInternational Student Fee (Students with visa type F or J) - per termNo
Special FeeCollege of Arts and Architecture General Student Fee - per termNo
Special FeeCollege of Engineering Student Fee - per termNo
Special FeeCollege of Computing and Informatics Student Fee - per termNo
Special FeeCollege of Health and Human Services Student Fee - per termNo
Special FeeAdvanced Scuba Diving Fee (PHED 2220)No
Special FeeScuba Diving Fee (PHED 2219) Non-MajorNo
Special FeeFirst Aid: Responding to Emergencies (ATRN/EXER 2290)No

*NOTE regarding the Transportation Misc. Service Charge – The staff pass is $75 for a year whereas the student pass is $25 per semester (including summer).  If you are enrolled in classes through the tuition waiver program, you will still need to purchase a CATS all-access transit pass because this fee was waived.

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