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  1. Your cap and gown can be picked up at the Campus Bookstore during or after the Commencement Fair. The Commencement Fair is typically held mid-semester.
  2. Standard hoods for Ph.D. candidates are part of the graduation fee. 
    1. Doctoral candidates who opt for standard hoods do not have to pick hoods up at the Campus Bookstore: the hoods will be brought directly to the ceremony.  
    2. Some doctoral candidates may opt to purchase custom gowns, hoods, and tams. In such cases, doctoral candidates must send or bring their hood (name clearly specified) to the Center for Graduate Life prior to commencement.
  3. Custom regalia can be ordered from the bookstore and requires a number of style and price decisions, as well as an inventory of various physical measurements. 
    1. The cost for custom regalia can be as little as $375, and can go up to $1,100, depending on fabric and customization.  
    2. Arrival can be expected in 6-8 weeks.  
    3. Custom gowns are not returnable.

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