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As a security measure, a classroom computer will lock if a user is logged in but the computer has been inactive for 45 minutes or longer. 

To Perform an Administrative Unlock: 

  1. Press the System Help button located in the bottom left corner of the touch panel.
  2. A call will be placed to Classroom Support and a technician will answer your call.
  3. Tell the technician that your computer is locked.
  4. The technician will take control of your computer remotely and unlock the computer for you.
  5. Once the computer is unlocked you will be able to log in with your NinerNet username and password. 

Alternative Unlock Method:

This method is not available in all classrooms or on all touch panels.

  1. Press the System Tools button in the bottom right corner of the home page on the touch panel.
  2. On the System Tools page, press the Logoff/Unlock Workstation button in the bottom left corner. 
  3. The system should unlock and you will be able to log in using your own credentials.

Restarting the computer is not an effective method of unlocking the computer.

If the computer is locked by your own account, you can unlock it by re-entering your password.

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