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UNC Charlotte employees who apply for tuition waiver may also take advantage of the Faculty/Staff Textbook Loan (FSTL) program which waives up to $200 from the full purchase price of required textbooks per course.  The employee is responsible for paying any amount over the $200 allotment per course waiver.   



Full purchase price

- $200

FSTL waiver


Out of pocket expense for employee


All textbooks remain the property of the Faculty/Staff Textbook Loan (FSTL) program, and borrowed textbook(s) must be returned in satisfactory condition to the UNC Charlotte Barnes & Noble campus store three business days following the end of final exams, upon withdrawal from the course, or following separation from employment, whichever comes first.  Failure to do so will result in the “full purchase price” of the textbook(s) being deducted in a lump sum from the employee’s next pay stub.

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