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Anyone who submits the PBR will be required to attach:

  1. A report that shows the transactions that were batched out under that account the evening before they processed.
    1. Most campus systems process through TouchNet; if your merchant account processes through TouchNet, the TouchNet Payment Gateway access should be requested. It will provide a batch settlement report which is required for the PBR for those transactions.
    2. If your merchant area utilizes a different gateway report, you will be required to attach a copy of that gateway report to the PBR. 

      eCommerce will not provide accesses to external gateways other than TouchNet.

    3. No gateway report is required to be attached to PBR submissions for transactions that process through Point of Sale terminals. 
    4. The Batch Totals Report from the terminal should be retained internally by the merchant for audit purposes.
  2. A report that shows the transactions that processed under that merchant account overnight and were received by the bank. 
    1. In all cases, that report is obtained through the SunTrust Merchant Services (STMS) reporting portal, ClientLine
    2. ClientLine access will be required for anyone responsible for pulling the reports for the PBR submissions.
  3. The American Express (AmEx) reporting portal, Online Merchant Services, access should be obtained for all merchant staff responsible for reconciling transactions or responding to disputes. 
  4. It will provide needed information to you as a merchant, but will not be required for the PBR submission.

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