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Supervisors or departmental timekeepers can correct a timesheet after it has been approved.

  1. The supervisor or departmental timekeeper will need to locate the timesheet period that needs to be corrected by going to Favorites > My Team > Timesheets By Pay Period.
  2. Navigate to the timesheet period using the arrows at the top right. Navigation Arrows
  3. Click the edit timesheet icon to open the timesheet. Edit Timesheet
  4. Click the reject  or correct  located under the 3 dot ellipsis in the top right corner of the employee's timesheet. 
  5. Corrections should be made to the timesheet by one of the following methods:
    1. Supervisor or timekeeper make correction(s) directly to the timesheet OR
    2. Employee submits applicable timesheet change request(s) or time off request(s) for approval by supervisor
  6. Once corrections are completed, the supervisor or timekeeper should click approve Approve Buttonon the blue action item bar to close the timesheet back.

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