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OPSCAN services are available only on an ad hoc basis. Please contact the IT Service Desk in advance of your need.

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  1. OPSCAN (optical scanning) is a service offered by UNC Charlotte and may be more commonly known as bubble sheet or Scantron testing.  This service is to provide the scoring of standard answer sheets for tests or exams.
Hours of OperationProcessing Policy

OPSCAN drop-off is in Atkins 140C (the walk-up IT Service Desk location in the back, right corner of the 1st floor).  This location is staffed so you can ask questions and get assistance on how to complete the control sheet and answer key

  1. Hours*: 
    1. On Demand Scanning Hours:
      1. Monday - Friday 8am - 4pm
    2. Final Exams On Demand Scanning:
      1. On weekdays that final exams are scheduled, we will scan exams on demand until 5:30pm.
      2. All other hours remain the same.
    3. Drop Off Hours:
      1. Monday - Thursday 4pm-9pm
      2. Friday 4pm-5pm
      3. Saturday 12pm - 5pm
      4. Sunday 12pm - 8pm
  2. Processing Turnaround:
    1. On Demand: All exams submitted for processing during on demand hours will be completed on the spot. Delays may occur during peak hours. Tests will be scanned on a first come, first served basis.
    2. Drop Offs: All exams dropped off during drop off hours will be processed by 10am on the next business day.
    3. Please note, any packets submitted through campus mail may be delayed in processing and not adhere to the above stated completion times.  To insure results are completed within the above times, please drop off packets at Atkins

*Summer hours and break hours may vary

  1. After exams are processed, a notification of completion will be emailed to the corresponding instructor.  This message will contain a detailed Excel file containing results along with PDF files with additional information

  2. Scan packages that are scanned during on demand hours will be returned once the scanning is completed.  
  3. Scan packages (bubble sheets, key, control sheet) that are dropped off will be available for pick-up at Atkins 140C immediately after the exam results are emailed, during our open hours.
  4. Scan packages not picked up, within 10 business days, will be returned to the faculty via campus mail

  5. For information about Records Retention and Disposal, you may visit the Legal Affairs website here

Sample Reports

Visit this article to see the reports provided with OPSCAN test results.


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