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Percipio is replacing Skillport. It is anticipated that Skillport will no longer be available after May 2020.

Supervisors and managers can request elevated access in Skillport and assign courses and materials to employees. To request access, contact the IT Service Desk, 7-5500 or

  1. Log into Skillport
  2. Click Quick LinksAdmin in the top left
  3. Go to Reports > Templates

  4. Go to Content > Content Activity > Detailed by Content (double click)
  5. Select the Activity Dates (date range)
  6. Under the Groups/Users tab, expand Display Options and select/unselect the desired options
    1. Typically asset title, first/last name, completion date, completion status, current score, and pre-test are all that’s needed.  You can select other options, if desired

    2. Be sure to select the option Single Row for List users within multiple groups
  7. Click the Asset Filter tab and enter the course title in the search field (this may return more than one version)
  8. Select the version you wish to see and add it to the right column by clicking the Add arrow in the center
  9. Click Save Result in the upper right and make any desired changes/notes
  10. Click OK
  11. Refresh the reports results screen until the status changes to Completed

  12. Click the report and click Download

  13. Now you can open the downloaded file and view the results 


If you do NOT want to save results, you can preview the report by clicking the Preview option instead of Save Result in step 9

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