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New Control Sheet

The new Control Sheet, as pictured below, is now required for all OPSCAN tests. For information on purchasing Control Sheets, please visit this page.

  1. On the front side:
    1. Complete NAME, DEPT., COURSE, and SECTION (REQUIRED).
    2. Complete TEST DATE and TEST ID (OPTIONAL).
    3. Do not add additional marks or comments to control sheet.
  2. On the back side:
    1. MULTIPLE ANSWERS section - use this section for questions with multiple answers.  Scoring will default to ALL if left blank.
      1. ALL - Student must select all correct responses to receive credit.
      2. EITHER/OR - Student can select either correct response to receive credit.
      3. BOTH - Student can select either response or all correct responses to receive credit.
    2. QUESTION WEIGHTING section - use this section to change question point values.  Questions will default to 1 if left blank.
      1. Change all questions to the same value. Fill in the desired numerical value.
      2. Change individual question values. You must complete a separate answer sheet.
        1. Fill in the word POINTS in the name field.
        2. Assign a value of 1 to 5 for each corresponding question. A value must be assigned to all questions.
    3. SELECT REPORTS section - use this section to individually select desired reports to be included in results email.  All reports will be sent if left blank.
    4. EMAIL ADDRESS section - complete the EMAIL ADDRESS section with your NinerNET username for the email address.

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