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  1. Access your course in Canvas
  2. Click the My Media link. The My Media page is displayed
  3. For the video you want to edit, either click the preview image or the video link

  4. In the Actions drop-down list, select Caption Requests

  5. Scroll to the right to view the Status column and click Edit. The Captions editor opens in a new window. You can playback the audio while editing the captions
  6. To correct a caption, under the video, in the text box, highlight the text and type the new caption


    We recommend that you save your work often by clicking Save

  7. To break up long lines of text, place a period at a break point to create a new line for the text
  8. When you are finished editing, click Approve
  9. Click Approve
  10. Close the browser tab or window
  11. Play the video to verify the changes you made

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