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The majority of computers purchased by the University must adhere to the configurations identified as part of the System's Combine Pricing Initiative. The CPI states that 80% of Windows PC computer purchases must be through an approved vendor. UNC Charlotte buys Dell computers. Apple products are not covered by this policy.

Standard purchases through the NinerTech Store and the Dell Catalog in 49erMart, adhere to these standards. Non-standard purchases can be made but must be approved by ITS.


For Apple order you must first create an account using the following FAQ.

The general process for ordering computers is documented in this flowchart.

Ordering Flowchart

  1. Once your order is approved you can expect delivery withing 2-3 weeks.
  2. The order will be shipped to the location entered during purchasing.
  3. Once equipment is received, work with your localIT or ITS to have the computer imaged and managed.  See this FAQ for a list of departments ITS manages.

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