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Duo 2-Factor Authentication is required for all university employees, sponsored guests and emeriti. Since Duo secures accounts more than a password, the use of Duo may affect the password expiration policy. See chart below for details.

Type of AccountWithout DuoWith Duo
Student180 days365 days
Student EmployeesN/A365 days
Student PCI Data HandlersNA90 days
OneIT Student EmployeesN/A365 days
FacultyN/A365 days
EmeritiN/A365 days
StaffN/A365 days
PCI Data HandlersN/A90 days
OneIT StaffN/A365 days
Sponsored GuestsN/A365 days
GenericN/A90 days
_A AdministrativeN/A90 days


Email reminders will be sent prior to the expiration.  You should change your password when you receive the email reminder.  If you allow your password to expire, you can use the forgot NinerNET password option to reset your password using your alternate email or mobile number.  You can also contact the IT Service Desk, 704-687-5500 or

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