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  1. Open your browser to access the workshop offerings
  2. Click the NinerNET Login link located n the upper right corner and log in using your NinerNET username and password
  3. Your Dashboard is displayed
  4. In the Courses area, verify that the Enrolled tab is active
  5. For the course you want to cancel, click the Select down-arrow
  6. Choose Cancel Course
  7. The Confirm Action dialog box is displayed
  8. Click Yes

  9. The dashboard reloads
  10. The course is not displayed on the Enrolled tab
  11. The course has been moved to the Cancelled tab. To verify that the course has been cancelled, In the Courses area, click the Cancelled tab
  12. The courses you have cancelled are listed


    You may need to scroll to see the most recent cancelled course

  13. A confirmation email  will be sent to your UNC Charlotte email

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