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Google has updated the Gmail interface - here are some of the highlights...

Important dates for the new Gmail interface:

  • August 15 - Available to UNC Charlotte in settings, you can revert back to classic Gmail
  • September 18 - Default interface changes, you can revert back to classic Gmail
  • October 16 - The point of no return
  1. Gmail font was changed from Arial to Sans Serif for easier reading
  2. Label view can be expanded or collapsed by clicking the top left grid next to the mail icon
  3. There are 3 new layout options; you can expand or shrink your inbox view - with the Default you'll see a preview of attachments in you inbox
    Expand or shrink your inbox
  4. Easily access your Calendar, Keep, and Tasks right from your inbox
    Access Calendar, Keep, and Tasks
  5. Organize emails from your inbox - hover over unopened messages and click an icon to archive, delete, or mark as read (or unread), snooze or have Gmail nudge you to reply or follow-up on messages
    Organize emails from your inbox
  6. Use suggested replies - similar to what is offered in the mobile app
    Use suggested replies
  7. Contacts is now available in the apps grid top right of browser window

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