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This will show instructors how to create appointments for advising, virtual office hours, etc. This assumes you already have WebEx enabled in your Canvas course.

  1. Access your course in Canvas
  2. Click on WebEx
  3. Click the Appointment Booking tab
  4. Ensure My Appointments displays in the dropdown.
  5. Click Offer Slots
  6. Under Repeat, choose Single, Daily, or Weekly and confirm Time Zone is correct

  7. Select Slot Duration, i.e. 15-30 minutes
  8. Select Breaks between slots, i.e. 5-15 minutes. Scheduling a break between sessions ensures appointments won't overlap
  9. Confirm Conferencing Account displays Webex Trainings (username)
  10. Click Save to schedule appointment blocks
  11. You will then see your available appointment blocks. In this example, 20 minute appointments with 10 minute break in betweent were offered from 10:30am - 3pm MWF

    Delete Block

    If you need to delete an appointment block, you can click on the block and then click on the eraser icon. You will be given options to delete just that block or block going forward. You will then see a confirmation page before the deletion is complete.

  12. Here you can see multiple appointment blocks were reserved. The name shown is what the student entered as the name of the appointment. 
  13. To launch the WebEx Session for the appointment, Click on the green appointment block, then click Host
  14. A WebEx Training Center room will then launch

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