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This assumes your instructor is using the Appointment Booking through WebEx in Canvas.

  1. Access your course in Canvas
  2. Click on WebEx

    If this is your first time accessing WebEx in this course, you will need to Configure your time zone. We suggest -05:00 America/New_York. Click Done after configuring

  3. Click Appointment Booking tab
  4. Click on My Appointments dropdown and select the instructor name with whom you are scheduling an appointment
  5. Available time slots will be displayed. Click on the desired time slot to reserve.
  6. Enter an Appointment Name and description if desired
  7. Click Reserve Appointment button

  8. Once an appointment is scheduled, you will see it on the left hand side under Current Appointment or Upcoming Appointment depending on whether or not the appointment is within 15 minutes. If it is within 15 minutes, you will see a Join button. You can also click on the Appointment block in the calendar to Join
  9. Upcoming Appointments are appointments that are 15 minutes or more from the current time. In this example, the appointment was scheduled with Name: Grades & Description: Discuss course grades. 
  10. To cancel an upcoming Appointment, click on the Appointment block then click Cancel Appointment

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